Low Cost Tree

Removal & Trim

  How to tell when to trim or remove tree(s):
  (Note: Information below is not to cause fear but to educate) 
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* Limbs are touching roof or other assets. Insects
  and creatures such as squirrels, snakes, ants and
  possums just to name a few, can move 
  from branches to a roof if branches grow too close. 

* Limbs touching roof can prevent air from drying
   moisture/rain from the shingles
   and in turn cause your roof to rot in non visible places.

* Limbs hanging below eye level.

* Tree is leaning especially at 5 degrees or more and
   there is a visible hump on the opposite side
   of the lean (up rooting).

* Limbs/Bark is falling off
(is deseased, dying or

* Cracking sounds in wind storms (CAUTION, call us

* No leaves or brown leaves (most often is dead if
  occurring in summer season).

* Lightning damage. An open area where the bark has
   been blasted off. Is often a vertical strip blown off and
   pieces strewn about the landscaping.

* Very close or to close to foundation or structure.

* Roots are cracking the bricks on your
   house, driveway, side walk, etc. 

* Evident moisture/leakage from tree.

* Mushrooms or moss growing on or near base of trunk.

* Holes in wood (the larger the opening the more

* Can peel away pieces with ease.

* Insects living in tree: Bees, Ants, worms, etc.

          Call Michael Now: 704-493-3405




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