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   Important Info...

BEWARE: DO NOT GIVE AN INITIAL DEPOSIT of any sort without checking that company's background first. I am very frustrated with people telling me that they gave hundreds to thousands of dollars as a deposit, and then they never hear from that company again! This seems to happen mostly to our Seniors.

PLEASE!!! Do not use ladders to trim or cut down trees. There are many hidden dangers. The growth pattern of a limb can drop or swing towards your ladder pinning you in the rungs and or landing on you causing serious bodily harm. I meet & see so many who believe that this is easy work. It is that very train of thought that is extremely dangerous!!! We make it look easy only... because we do it all the time and have a vast education in our line of work! Go climb a rock wall and ask yourself if it's easy. Tree climbing and cutting is much more sophisticated and taxing on your body. Working in a tree is a great psychological challenge that resembles playing chess but with the added element of danger. In tree work, you must think ahead of yourself and consider many dangers that a professional is prepared for. Thank you for reading this.

 Limbs over roof in close quarters? Trees near power lines? Trees falling on your valuables, house, car etc? No problem for us to remove that undesirable situation for you. Visit our Gallery!

 It's also important to make proper cuts for the health and also cosmetics of your trees.

Our Clean up is a very important stage of tree work also!

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Our services include:
Large and small tree removals, trimming, dead limbing, pruning, stump removal, hauling, dangerous/dead trees, and cutting to fire wood.
            Crane available when necessary. 

Free Estimates, Free of Risk, 
                   Drug Free & Crime Free.
             25 Years Experience & Insured. 
                   Residential and Commercial work.
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